Sodium Silicate Solution


Sodium Silicate Solution
Also known as water glass or liquid glass, available in aqueous solution and in solid form, soluble in water, producing an alkaline solution. There are various states of this compound; all are glassy, colorless, and soluble in water. Sodium silicate is stable in neutral and alkaline solutions. In acidic solutions, the silicate ion reacts with hydrogen ions to form silica acid, which when heated and roasted forms silica gel, a hard, glassy substance.

Uses of Sodium Silicate Powder
Sodium Silicate powder is a water soluble silicate,generally assumed as a combination of alkali metal oxide, silica and water. It is a widely used basic chemical material.
Some of it's uses are as under:

* Soap industry
* In detergent industry
* This powder is used as anti-oil agentfilling agent and corrosion buffer
* As the binder and high temperature filling agent
* It is utilized refractory
* The powder is used as the filing-hole material and strengthen material
* Strengthen the force character and durability for cement as fast-drying material
* Nature gas exploitation
* It is utilized in oil-exploitation
* This powder is used in chemical industry as flame retardant agent, emulsifier, antirust agent.
* Powder is also used in light industry as ceramic adhesive, ingredient in electric welding rod.
* Sodium silicate powder can be as the application scope of liquid sodium silicate

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Uses of Sodium Silicate Solution:

Automotive repair - One of the popular uses of Sodium silicate solution is seal leaks at the head gasket.

Egg Preservation - Sodium silicate solution is used as an egg preservation agent. Eggs can remain fresh by using this preservation method for up to nine months.

Timber treatment - Treating wood with sodium silicate preserves wood from insects and possesses some flame-retardant properties.

Cement uses - Sodium silicate has been widely used as general-purpose cement, especially for applications involving cementing objects exposed to heat or fire.

Concrete and masonry treatment - Concrete treated with a sodium silicate solution helps to significantly reduce porosity in masonry products like concrete and plasters. Applying Sodium Silicate with concrete permanently binds the silicates with the surface making them far more wearable and water repellent. These coatings are known as silicate mineral paint.

Refractory use - Water glass is useful binder of solids, like vermiculite and perlite. When blended with these lightweight aggregates, water glass can be used to make hard, high-temperature insulation boards used for refractoriness', passive fire protection and high temperature insulations, such as mounded pipe insulation applications.

Water Treatment - Sodium Silicate is used in water treatment in wastewater treatment plants. Water glass used to bind heavier molecules and drag them out of the water.


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