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Social Responsibility

Every company functions within a societal structure. They take assistance from society in the form of various resources and transactions that ultimately results in apt business development. So, it is better to say that every company is indebted to society in some manner. At Krishna Phoschem Ltd, we are completely conscious of our debt to the community. Therefore, we are steadfast at meeting our social responsibilities not only by manufacturing high-quality agro products but also through the unique community programs that we have undertaken.

Krishna Phoschem is devoted to preserving the environment and the surrounding ecosystems. So, we have taken exceptional initiatives of planting trees and increasing the greenery across our plants while completely conforming to reliable safety practices. We also work in compliance with all the government-mandated health, environmental and safety regulations completely.

We have also undertaken the green initiative thereby adapting to different innovative ways to minimise the generation of waste from our plants. Also, we have taken necessary steps towards reduction in the use and overall conservation of water, power and raw materials that are required in the plants. Our consummate approach has enabled us to achieve our goals in preserving the environment and ensure safety. Further, we promote awareness and train our employees as well as other parties to ensure their complete involvement in our initiatives.